Origin of HSG Design & Structure BV

Until January 1, 2010 H. Spek has approximately worked 35 years as an independent architect in the Netherlands and conducted a company in the Netherlands and in India (CSOin pvt ltd). After said date is H. Spek retired as owner of the Dutch agency’s director.

H. Spek remained director and the owner of the Indian establishment, an establishment which is both active in the Indian market as a service for the Dutch market.

HSG is also partner in HPS Architecture & Engineering, specialized in constructions and buildings for healthcare.


For projects which could be carried out in partnership, HSG Design & Structure remains a point of contact and ultimate responsibility. If desired, thinking along or participation are possibilities for a better integration and the “Building Information Model (BIM). A higher liability can be chosen in consultation with the client in respect of liability insurance.


Specification CSOin
This office was established in 2003 and consists of 45 people, 5 of which have graduated as an architect and engineer and have been at least seven years of service. Thus a broad experience in western construction methods and Dutch regulations is gained.

Affected individuals have also gained extensive experience in the Netherlands and regularly come to the Netherlands for training. This means that one is able to perform work for Dutch clients. Working on detailed and specialized level An example is the production drawings for manufacturers and precast concrete industry, as well as calculations for daylight, ventilation, areas under the Building Act.

It’s also possible to work with the various software in accordance with requirements and layout of the client. Companies can also work supportive and/or facilitative for companies that want to realize projects in India, both in preparation (architecture and regulation) and the implementation (production drawings, prefab and system build). CSOin is fully active in the Indian market and implements Western building technology locally.